Release 2.0

Release 2.0

We have been hard at work on a huge release for  This release adds many new features and a new billing type.

New Features

  • Header Support was expanded, and we covered one of the strategies added in another blog post here.
  • Auto refill - For customers using the on-demand pricing, a common request was to have their credit automatically refilled when they reach a threshold. You will now be able to define a threshold and an amount for having your account automatically refilled with credit using your saved credit method.
  • F# Client Library - We created a client library for F# so that any F# users can use that can easily use our API with native support.  
  • Open API Spec - We have always had Open API, which is available at, and we also expose the JSON via But now we added a link from Documentation that will load inline so you can find it easier.
  • We also did a big re-design of our Homepage to explain better the features we offer.

Are we missing a feature you need?  Shoot us a message, and we will work with you to get it added as quickly as possible.

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