Flexible pricing for everyone

How many monthly document conversions?


Free forever, no expiration


  • 100 API Calls
  • 100 MB data usage
  • 50 minute compute
  • Limited Technical Support

Fixed price monthly, based on number of calls a month

Tier 1


  • 1,000 API Calls
  • 4 GB data usage
  • 2,000 minute compute
  • 24x7 Technical Support
Usage Based

Pay $1 a month plus usage


  • Unlimited API Calls
  • $0.00098/MB bandwidth
  • $.000194/sec compute
  • 24x7 Technical Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free account?

Yes, we have a plan that we call the "Free Forever" that never expires and will remain active forever.

What types of payment methods do you accept?

Generally we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, Union Pay, and Debit Cards. We also support a wide range of additional payment methods that are dependent on your region.

Does my page have to be publicly accessible to use our service?

If you are using the URL endpoint then yes, you can however use the HTML endpoint and pass in the HTML instead. The "Save as PDF Link" feature does require the page to be accessible publicly and not password protected.

Do you charge for failed requests?

We do not currently charge for failed requests for any plan type. If the request fails, you will receive a response code indicating why it failed but your account will not be deducted for the call.

What is the timeout for conversions?

You can read the documentation on the specifics of the timeout default, and its behavior. However, the maximum amount of time a job is allowed to run is 100 seconds.

How do you handle data privacy?

Once the conversion is done, your document is immediately removed from our system. It is never stored in our system for any period of time post processing.

If you have additional questions, please ask us.