New Documentation

New Documentation
Photo by Sigmund / Unsplash

Every customer must have the documentation they need to accomplish their goals. Here at, we strive for the best customer experience. An essential part of that is good documentation. While a lot of effort and time went into the previous documentation website, it wasn't up to the standard that we preferred.

So, we redid the entire thing. We create an entirely new documentation site, it's all open source, and we will accept pull requests for changes or additions. It's searchable, using Algolia search. But, most important, it's all rewritten from the ground up to be more informative, concise, and accurate.

Other than those mentioned above, another important reason for this change is how easy it is to update our docs. Before this change, it was a very laborious task. We can now immediately update them, and the changes reflect nearly instantly.

We are very excited about the new docs website, way more than any human should probably be about it. But, I mean, it's just documentation. So it's ok, we understand if you're not as excited as we are, but we hope you find them helpful.

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