Mindshift Podcast Cover


This podcast cover template is perfect for any podcast that wants to look professional and stylish. The template includes a space for a photo of the podcast host, the podcast title, the podcast episode, and the show name.


  • Supports the 3000x3000 recommended resolution for Podcast platforms.
  • Make it your your own by adding the hosts avatar and name.
  • Easily update the title, episode, and other details for each episode.
  • Increases visibility of your Podcast by grabbing the users attention.

What is a Podcast Cover?

Podcast cover art is the artwork a podcaster uses that gets uploaded to their podcast service providers. It visually represents their show on these services and, in many cases, has details about the current episode, such as the episode's name, the episode number, the host's name, the author's avatar, and more.

Well-designed and visually attractive podcast cover art may help attract new audience members to your podcast. Not only does it stand out, but it can help describe the topics and discussions in the podcast. Vendors such as Apple consider artwork like podcast covers as a key indicator when choosing to feature in the New and Noteworthy sections.


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