Save as PDF Link

The Save as PDF Link feature is a completely free feature that lets you place a hyperlink on your website that will return the page as a pdf download when clicked by a user.

Free Usage & Limits

This feature is currently free to use and doesn't even require an account. If you have an account, it does not count against your account balance.

Each website visitor can use the link and convert the webpage to a PDF up to 4 times per minute before receiving a "Are you human, challenge question." If one of your visitors downloads 4 PDFs within a 1-minute time frame. Then they try to download another one on a separate page. They will receive a Captcha to verify they are human, after which they will be allowed to download the PDF.

How to Use

    <a href="">Save to PDF</a>

Placing the above anchor tag on your page is all you need to do to get this to work. We will capture the referrer and convert it to a PDF automatically.


Click the link below to try out this feature from this page.

Save to PDF


If it is not working or is taking a long time, we are having an issue contacting your webserver. If you are trying this on your local development machine using localhost. In that case, it will not work as our servers cannot access the site running on your local machine. The page must be publicly accessible and not password protected for this functionality to work.