Getting started

This guide explains how to set up your application to begin using API. It includes information on prerequisites, creating an account, adding credit, and getting your API key.

Create Account

To create an account, you must Sign Up for an account. After subscribing and choosing your plan you will be able to begin using your account immediately.


There are three types of subscriptions at, allowing you to tailor the pricing model around your specific needs.

  • Free Forever - gives you a fixed amount of calls for the lifetime of your free account that never expires.
  • Fixed - gives you multi-tiered pricing, which scales up and gets cheaper the more you need.
  • On-Demand - gives you the ability to pay upfront credit, and you pay only for what you use.

On-Demand: Adding Credit

Credit is added to your account when you initially subscribe. When documents are processed, the processing time and bandwidth usage gets calculated, and the amount get deducted from your credit.

If you would like to get a better idea of your scenario, you can use the calculator in the Subscription & Credit section of the Dashboard.

To add credit to your account, go to Subscription & Credit in the Dashboard. Here you can look at your current subscription, and add credit.

If you run out of credit, your API Calls return a 500 error code.

Obtain API Key

All API requests get authenticated using an API Key that you obtain from the Dashboard. A 500 error response returns if you do not provide a valid API Key, your user account is inactive, or you do not have sufficient credit.

It is possible to have up to 5 active API Keys at any given time, which get managed in the API Management section of the Dashboard. The API Management page lets you add new API Keys, and Revoke existing ones.

If logged into your account, the documentation is populated with API Keys from your account, allowing you to copy the examples straight from the documentation and work with your account.

Using the API

In order to use the API you will need to add the X-API-Key http header. The header name is not case sensitive, but the key itself is case-sensitive.

    wget --header="X-API-Key: <api key>" \
"" \
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